These Wedding Guests Were Asked to Pay $100 for Their Reception Meal

These Wedding Guests Were Asked to Pay $100 for Their Reception Meal

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Brides, we get it-weddings are expensive. From the jaw-dropping costs of a live band to those pricey peonies you just have, have, have to have, that wedding bill can rack up real quick. And with more and more brides and grooms taking on the financial burden themselves, it's getting harder for couples to pay for that "dream wedding" they've always envisioned. Luckily for you, we've created a Pinterest-worthy guideline on how to throw a wedding for 15K or less! But we digress. What this article is really about is how not to cut costs for your big day.

Reddit user bootsmegamix was taken aback when he received a legitimate bill for one of his friend's weddings. He asked the social media community, "How many of you have paid for your meal at a wedding? My girlfriend and I are expected to pay $80-100 each for our meals at an upcoming wedding, and the bride says it's an 'unspoken tradition.' I've been to a few weddings and never heard of such nonsense. I asked my uncle and he said that that was ridiculous, but the bride's family insists that it's a tradition and that's how it's supposed to go. I've never paid to go to a wedding reception and I'm definitely not about to start."

Needless to say, Reddit users were equally appalled. ProbablyNotWorking wrote, "Hell no. You feed me, I give you a bread maker. That's the tradition." Another user, jgmerek said, "I am actually a caterer. I have catered weddings for almost 20 years, literally hundreds if not thousands of weddings. I have never heard of this being done even once."

Id_rather_boating even offered a solution for couples struggling to pay for such an expensive soireГ© by saying, "I used to film weddings for a living. I have been to several hundred events. If they can't afford dinner for everyone they have a late evening wedding with finger foods at the reception. Then they have a cash bar as well. Don't pay for your dinner at 80-100 per plate. If they did want to charge for dinner and didn't want to make a profit they would do something more affordable like ask you to bring a casserole, dessert, or salad. People are more than happy to pitch in to make the day special, but not if you ask like that. Come on!"

With a general consensus of "aw heck no," bootsmegamix decided to stick with his tradition-giving a present and leaving it at that. He wrote, "If we have to pay for a meal, I'm sure there's a McDonald's nearby." Sure beats the $100 price tag!


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