These Wedding Bouquet Trends Will Be Huge in 2019

These Wedding Bouquet Trends Will Be Huge in 2019

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Adopt Alternative Stems

Michelle Beller

"Brides are steering away from the white rose or white peony bouquets and opting for something unique like freesia and lily of the valley, which is just as classic,” says Tessa Brand, owner of Tessa Lyn Events. Going with an all-white arrangement, while using non-traditional florals, can give the impression of a conventional bouquet while still looking fresh and elegant.

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Flirt With Refined Boho

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Yumiko Fletcher, owner and creative director of Hana Floral Design, is projecting a boho aesthetic for 2019 bouquets, but much tamer than in recent seasons. “We will still see a powerful trend for greens and foliage; however, it will be reeled in!” Fletcher says. Expect slightly smaller and more controlled bouquets, but still with plenty of overflowing greenery.

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Select a Single Bloom

Tec Petaja

If you really want to have your favorite flower stand out, showcase one single floral. Eatherley Schultz, founder of Floressence Flowers, suggests supporting your bouquet with greenery to highlight your chosen posy. “The large budding bloom in the center of this all-green arrangement provides a stunning contrast that exuded originality,” Schultz says.

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Consider Minimalism

Heather Waraksa

“One big trend we see for next year is minimalism, details standing on their own,” explains Laura Remmert, founder of Laura Remmert Events. “This bouquet by Liza Lubell from Peartree Flowers is composed of a few beautiful stems of carnations,” notes Remmert. Carnations, once deemed “filler flowers” are now appearing at weddings in unique colors and tones, such as this antique yellow variety, and are standing on their own in minimalist arrangements.

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Try Cascading Color

Brian Leahy

More than ever, brides are opting for bold colors in their bouquet as well as unexpected shapes. “We are seeing a lot of asymmetrical styles and structure,” says Andrea Eppolito, owner of Andrea Eppolito Events. “We expect to see layers of flowers, rich textures, and orchids in long bouquets with shades of rich, monochromatic color,” Eppolito adds.

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Embrace Tradition

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Sherry Spencer, partner at Southern Blooms, believes brides are strawing away from the wild arrangements of previous years, and returning to something more traditional. “Some naturally gathered and not too large bouquets, reminiscent of their mothers' bouquets,” Spencer explains. Cascading greenery and delicate ribbons perfectly embellish traditional buds.

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Think Small (for a Big Impact)

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In 2019, expect bridal bouquets to become tidier, but still not perfectly rounded. “To elevate this look, include texture and variety,” suggests Leslie Liberis, owner of Branch Design Studio. “Add touches of green and texture, rather than large, cascading branches.” To complement this look, think smaller posy-size bouquets for bridesmaids.

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Promote Local

Corbin Gurkin

“Go local, seasonal, and authentic!” says Lyndsey Hamilton, creative director of Lyndsey Hamilton Events, adding, “There has been a big trend over the past few years to go as local as possible with your meal, and we are now pushing for that with our floral choices and selections too.” Nothing says original like foraging elements on the property of your wedding site for your bouquet. “Combine the colors, textures, and tones of your environment to make your floral creation feel like an extension of the surrounding site,” Hamilton adds.