10 Products You Need for an Italian Countryside Wedding (That You Can Buy Now!)

10 Products You Need for an Italian Countryside Wedding (That You Can Buy Now!)

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Gold Cake Serving Set

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Old-world charm aside, keep some parts of your reception modern. Touches of sleek gold work perfectly, and this cake serving set is versatile enough that you can use it post-wedding, too!

SHOP NOW: CB2, $39.95

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Antibes Fan Napkin

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Something about this feels Italian countryside to us--and we love that it's a monotone pattern with neutrals, so it feels both sophisticated and subtle. Pop these on your registry so you can carry the feel of your wedding over into your everyday life!

SHOP NOW: Terrain, $16

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Self-Portrait Floral-Printed Maxi Dress

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Inspired by the dreamy Dolce & Gabbana yellow dress the real bride wore, we love this floaty Self Portrait maxi. Even if you opt to wear white for the wedding, this is fun for a rehearsal dinner or afterparty!

SHOP NOW: Intermix, $715

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Fizz Glasses

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

A delicate gold design on the rim of these glasses combined with the shape makes these feel vintage and a touch old-world. Serve champagne cocktails at your cocktail hour out of them or just put them on your registry to serve drinks at home!

SHOP NOW: Food52, $48/4

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Minimal Invitation

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

This printable invitation (hello, budget saver!) is simple and modern, and the little sprig of greenery would be the perfect emblem to carry over to your place cards and menus. Add little pieces of olive leaves or rosemary at each place setting to really bring it all together.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $25

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Wreath Matchbox

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Keep the simple botanical theme going with your favors. These pretty wreath matchboxes work perfectly, and the vendor that makes them also does custom order.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $8

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Acacia Salt and Pepper Shakers

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

In keeping with the natural textures and materials, these chunky wooden salt and pepper shakers are perfect both for your reception and for your dining room table (or coffee table, we don't judge).

SHOP NOW: CB2, $33.90

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Illuminated Tarot Cards

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Another idea we stole from our real wedding-tarot card readings! During the cocktail hour, have your guests enjoy sipping a drink while they find out what's in the cards for them! (Sorry for the pun, we had to). Plus, these cards are beautifully designed for a little twist on the traditional cards.

SHOP NOW: Think Geek, $17.99

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Rebecca Minkoff Anden Flats

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Don't feel like rocking a yellow dress? Have a little fun with your shoes! We're obsessed with these floral peep-toe flats.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $125

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Cyronos Candle

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

The classic Cire Trudon emblem feels very Italian, and this yummy lemon/myrtle scent will make your whole home-or the head table at your wedding-smell like a summer evening, even if it's December.

SHOP NOW: Barney's New York, $105


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