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Spa Locations to Host a Bridal Shower

Spa Locations to Host a Bridal Shower

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Aire Ancient Baths

Courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths

Ready to get drenched with your gal pals? Clocking in at 16,000 square feet, Aire Ancient Baths, a luxe New York City water world, offers 90-minute thermal treatments that guide you through a series of cooled and heated plunge pools. You'll start out in the super-nippy Ice (46В° F) and wind up in Hot (102В° F), with optional stops in the jet bath, saltwater pool, and steam room along the way. To treat your guests to even more pampering, throw massages into the mix. Though the typical event headcount is 30, the space can accommodate lots more. And if you book the entire venue-a popular option for brides-catering from one of the yummy local restaurants is an option.

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The Biltmore

Courtesy of The Biltmore Hotel

For a Miami-based bride, The Biltmore (just a hop, skip, and a jump away in neighboring Coral Gables) might be just the shower ticket. The stately hotel offers up its Zen Spa Suite, which holds up to 10 guests, for four-hour private events-ample time to nibble petits fours, sip bubbly, and indulge in treatments. (And open shower prezzies, too, of course. That's key!) Equipped with a private sauna and Jacuzzi, the suite also features areas for facials, nail services, and mini massages.

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Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa

Courtesy of Caudalie

Okay, the fact that it contains a decidedly cozy wine bar right smack in the middle isn't the only reason we love the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the famed Plaza Hotel, but it certainly helps! Bridal-shower guests will dig it, too, along with the great facials, massages, and mani-pedi services offered in its 14 treatment rooms. (All deploy Caudalie's grape-derived "vinotherapie" skin care, of course.) Offering plenty of flexibility in crafting your event, the spa can readily tap its on-site catering options, including the super-popular Todd English Food Hall.

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Courtesy of Drybar

Talk about maid-of-honor multitasking: by booking the shower at one of Drybar's 26 locations across the U.S., not only will you be ensuring that a good time is had by all, but everyone will walk out looking fab! Though the number of chairs varies by location, for a two-hour buyout of the salon, up to 30 guests can be coiffed. They'll choose from a menu of six chic looks, from the sleek Straight Up and Manhattan styles to the bigger and beachier Mai Tai and Southern Comfort.

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Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

At Elizabeth Arden's 30 Red Door Spas across the country, getting the bride gorgeous is a six-month affair. (Seriously, they've got quite the elaborate "spa series" in place, carefully designed to beautify every square inch.) For showers, you can pick from an extensive list of day packages, ranging from the simple-but-lovely "White Tea Harmony Manicure-Pedicure" to the super-duper "Ultimate Indulgence." Another option: Create your own package and cherry-pick from a range of beautifying treatments.

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La Costa Resort & Spa

Courtesy of La Costa

Featuring its very own Bellini and candy bars, La Costa's latest spa addition, Luxe Lounge, is pretty much a bridal-shower slam dunk, especially if you keep it small (10 guests, max) and special. La Costa will help with that by providing "turnkey" service. Translation: This place is ready to rumble with "spa treatments, spa gifts, a catered lunch from the Spa Café." That's a lot of spa. Aaaah…

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Lavaan Dental Spa

Courtesy of Lavaan

Can you spell g-e-n-i-u-s? Lavaan Dental Spa, a new facility located on a stretch of Sixth Avenue in New York's West Village, takes everything you love about going to the dentist (walking out with bright, shiny, glistening teeth), and extracts everything you detest (read: any procedure requiring a drill). Yup, this is a root-canal-free zone, a dentists' office solely concerned with aesthetics. So for a novel yet wildly practical approach to a shower, why not invite your guests to have their teeth cleaned or whitened while toasting the bride-to-be? Of course, those bevvies will need to be of the white-wine and bubbly variety. Gotta keep those whites pearly!

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La Prairie

Courtesy of La Prairie

Tucked away in the back of the chic, seven-room Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie is the Enclave, an ideal setting for sipping Champs and fГЄting the bride-to-be. Accommodating up to 10 guests, it offers both indoor and outdoor space, refreshment options, and its very own spa butler. If you're in the market for killer facials, achieved with state-of-the-art Swiss beauty technology-and a truly special place to hold a shower-this is it.

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Solage Calistoga

Courtesy of Solage Calistoga

Renowned for its Solbar restaurant (overlooking a 130-foot landmark pool), the Solage Calistoga hotel and spa is both a destination and a local hot spot. A bridal shower here offers the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the stunning scenery and/or partake in a little pampering. Not to be missed if you're in "treatment mode": The famed mud baths, customized by the spa's "mud-tenders."