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11 Wedding Hair Accessories You Haven't Seen Before

11 Wedding Hair Accessories You Haven't Seen Before

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Dreamcatcher Fringe Halo Headpiece

Courtesy of Danani; Photo by Loblee Photography

What a dream! This headpiece features dreamcatcher tassels for the ultimate in boho bridal style.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $158

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Emma Katzka Set of 3 Honeysuckle Quartz Combs

Courtesy of Emma Katzka

No two of these quartz crystal and pearl pins are exactly the same-you can't get much unique than that! Plus, with your personal style guiding their placement, they can create even more of a magical moment.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $148

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Gigi Burris Millinery Bandana Veiling

Courtesy of Gigi Burris

Forget everything that comes to mind when hear the word bandana (i.e. that paisley red cowboy scarf) and replace it with this. This mask-like headband is made to sit at the top of your hairline and drape over your forehead. The double-layered French veiling is embellished with opalescent Swarovski crystals, and a silk ribbon literally ties it all together.

SHOP NOW: Gigi Burris, $295

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Beaded Fringe Halo Headband

Courtesy of Danani; Photo by Loblee Photography, Lindsey Shaun Photography

We're all about those fringe benefits! From the front, this is just pretty gold headband. But on the back, it totes staggering fringe that your guests won't be able to look away from as you say your I dos.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $158

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Sylvain Le Hen Gold Ponytail 044 Barrette

Courtesy of Sylvain Le Hen

If a slicked back and understated style is what you are going for, there are still ways to jazz it up. Instead of leaving the traditional elastic band exposed on your wedding-day ponytail, use a fancy barrette to conceal it. This handcrafted gold-tone clip curves around the pony for a modern and clean finish.

SHOP NOW: Ssense, $70

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Lelet Trek Metal Halo

Courtesy of Lelet

If you're looking for a way to decorate your updo that doesn't involve kitschy rhinestone pins, this metal halo is a significant upgrade. This V-shaped clip acts as a cool, futuristic armor around the hair. Available in gold, rose gold, and rhodium plate, it can fit in seamlessly with all of your other accessories.

SHOP NOW: Lelet, $478

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Gold Crown Headpiece

Courtesy of Lietofiore; Photo by Kristin Photography

This geometric headpiece puts a unique, art deco spin on your standard bridal tiara.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $95

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Lelet Chain Chain Crystal Comb

Courtesy of Lelet

Incorporate this cascading gold chain into any wedding hairstyle, from ponytails to half-up styles to flowing blow-outs. This waterfall of Swarovski crystals can transform even the simplest look.

SHOP NOW: Lelet, $268

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Lele Sadoughi Imitation Pearl Headband

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi

Use this thick headband to hold back your tresses during your ceremony. The velvet fabric makes this perfect for fall or winter weddings, and the pearl embellishments give it that classic bridal feel.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $150

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Gold Leaf Hair Accessory

Courtesy of Hair Floaters

Who needs a flower crown when you've got leaves like these? This hairpiece, featuring twisted wire and stunning gold leaves, delivers some serious boho glam.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $37.50

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Gucci Gold-Tone Faux Pearl Hair Slide

Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

There are hair accessories and then there are hair accessories. Made from gold-plated brass, what starts out as a small hair slide expands into an entire constellation of stars, creating a halo effect around the one-of-a-kind bride. Although this daring design is clearly for bold brides only, it's perfect for those after a celestial-inspired look.

SHOP NOW: Net-a-Porter, $3,300


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