Wedding Cakes by Your Zodiac Sign

Wedding Cakes by Your Zodiac Sign

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Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Cake by Magnolia Bakery; Planning by Twine Events

You're usually drawn to classic styles and this wedding cake is definitely that. A clean white buttercream frosting with a couple of fresh flowers and you're ready to go!

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Photo by Laura Gordon; Cake by Favorite Cakes; Planning by Easton Events; Florals by Beehive Events

You're known as being a hopeless romantic and, of course, want a cake to match! Try something simple with a textured icing and fresh winding vines for that whimsy and romance that you love so much.

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Photo by Ari Simphukham

You're headstrong and bold and you'll most likely want a cake that stands out like this marbled green and white modern cake.

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Photo by Olivia Rae James

Because you're the peacekeeper and always want to make sure things are well balanced, you'll want a wedding cake that is pretty universally appealing and not too out-there (ahem, unlike Taurus and Aquarius). This cake is one part paired down boho and one part traditional with a twist-perfect for you!

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Photo by Maria Mack Photography; Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Virgos are very organized and like everything in its proper place-no messy cakes here! Choose a modern and clean wedding cake like this one with a symmetrical and neat design to appeal to your Virgo soul.

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Photo by Artiese; Cake by Lele Patisserie; Styling by Joy Proctor Design

Sags often work in a creative fields, and are fun and playful individualists who probably don't want something that's been seen a million times. You may even want to design your cake yourself! Choose something out-of-the-box that is still soft and pretty.

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Photo by Katie Harmsworth; Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes; Flowers by Raven And the Rose

Not only do you like having fun (uh, hello color) you also have a very strong personality and won't be settling for any ordinary cake, so this fits the bill.

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Photo by Kathryn FrugГ© Photography; Cake by The Cookie Social; Florals by Roots Floral Design; Planning & Styling by The Gifford Collective

Pisces are known as the dreamers, and this wedding cake is very dreamy indeed. Its light and ethereal design is perfect for a pisces!

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Photo by Sanaz Photography

You're not like everyone else, and you want people to know. A true individual and avant garde as they come, this donut wedding "cake" is anything but traditional.

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Courtesy of Food52

Deep and intense, you don't want a wedding cake that is too frou-frou. You'd rather have something that feels natural and easy and not too fussed over. A simple sponge cake, layered with meringue or fresh fruit and cream is much more appealing.

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Photo by Rachel Red Photography

Bold and show-stopping is your middle name, so why settle for the same cake everyone else is having? Why not opt for a (gasp!) savory cake made out of wheels of cheese?

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Photo by Tim Willoughby

Gemini, the twins, are among the most versatile of the signs, and these cakes will speak to that versatility you so easily manifest. Oh, and we wholeheartedly believe in multiple desserts on your wedding day.


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