The 6 Most Romantic Cities In The World to Propose

The 6 Most Romantic Cities In The World to Propose

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Laguna Beach, California

Ambre Williams Photography

From the beaches of Nantucket to the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the United States isn't lacking in picturesque places. But Laguna Beach is, without a doubt, among the most beautiful corners of the country. Hike to the “Top of the World,” one of the prettiest lookout points and present her with a sparkler that rivals the jaw-dropping ocean vistas.

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Santorini, Greece

Les Anagnou Photographers

Santorini is synonymous with romance. This idyllic Greek island seduces with its volcanic landscape, whitewashed Cycladic houses, and legendary sunsets. Begin your journey to “I do” during magic hour, overlooking the glittering Aegean Sea. Then celebrate with a bottle of bubbly back in your private villa.

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Paris, France

Olga for Flytographer

Wine, chocolate, twinkling lights, iconic landmarks-the “City of Love” earns its nickname in spades. Paris is riddled with amour-inducing sites, from the Eiffel Tower to the banks of the Seine River. Plus, there's something poetic about proposing surrounded by so many other starry-eyed lovers. Oui?

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Venice, Italy

Siza Padovan for Flytographer

With its canals, baroque architecture, and narrow lanes, Venice is a bastion of romance. Looking for some alone time with your soulmate? Arrange a sunrise gondola ride and pledge my undying love under the Bridge of Sighs. (Legend has it that if you smooch as you pass, you'll stay together forever.) Also tempting, the serenity and scenic views from the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore in the early morning.

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Banff, Canada

Milton Photography

Banff beckons with its unspoiled wilderness and endless trails. So, why not let nature set the scene for the all-important ask? The rugged peaks, glacial lakes, and verdant forests are a breathtaking backdrop for a memorable open-air rendezvous. Plan a bucket-list trek to Cory Pass, where she'll be rewarded with stunning panoramas and something even more special-a ring!

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Rome, Italy

Robert for Flytographer

If the way to the heart is through the stomach-and let's be real, it totally is-gelato, pasta, and pizza (plus vino) is certain to inspire amore. Beyond its culinary acumen, Rome is rich in history. Surprise her while sightseeing by dropping down to one knee at the Spanish Steps. Another route to the ring? Enjoy dinner alfresco and have your own magical moment in the warm, ambient glow of candlelight.


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