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Sahroo Bridal Fall 2020

Sahroo Bridal Fall 2020

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Moonglade Caftan and Trousers

Courtesy of Sahroo


Raw silk caftan and flared trousers

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Cosmos Sparkly Caftan

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Tiny diamante crystals are hand-embellished onto tired, gauzy silk chiffon

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Cosmos Cape

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Sheer silk-chiffon hand-embellished with square diamante crystals at the neckline in the shape of a starry necklace

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Narcissus Gown and Narcissus Slim Leg Trousers

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Ultra-sheer silk chiffonВ with hand-embellished glittering diamante crystals and raw silk trousers

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Narcissus Caftan and Crop Top

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Beaded silk caftan with ostrichВ feathers and silk Narcissus crop top and silk Narcissus trousers

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Lotus Gown and Lotus Slim Trousers

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Hand-dyed ribbon flowers and ostrich feathers

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Cosmos Bra and Shorts

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Hand-embellished with recyclable square diamante crystals

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Lotus Caftan

В Courtesy of Sahroo

Ostrich feather and glass bead caftan paired and Lotus crop top and Lotus shimmery slim trousers